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Joseph Maring
Technical Editor, Mobile Apps

Dive into our snug niche of home and furniture wisdom under the guidance of Diane Rado, our Editor-in-Chief. With ten years dedicated to renovating homes and a fervent passion for bringing vintage furniture back to life, Diane steers our editorial ship. Weekends find her scouring local flea markets, eyes peeled for hidden gems. Her knack for discovering those rare finds not only enriches her personal collection but also infuses our pages with unique perspectives on style and restoration.



Brittany Vincent
Technical Editor, Gaming

Brittany Vincent graduated with honors in multimedia journalism and now merges her passion for writing with gaming at CellularInsider.com. As Technical Editor for Gaming, Brittany provides insights into game mechanics, platforms, and industry trends that shape user experiences.




Steve Litchfield
Technical Editor, Mobile Phones

Steve Litchfield brings extensive knowledge in telecommunications to his role at CellularInsider.com. As Technical Editor covering Mobile Phones, Steve’s work features reviews, comparisons, and tech advancements in smartphones and cellular technology.




Dan Berthiaume
Technical Editor, Tech Accessories

Dan Berthiaume, with a background in electronic engineering, focuses on tech accessories. His articles help readers choose products that enhance their digital lifestyles, from ergonomic setups to advanced computing peripherals.




Joan Engebretson
Technical Editor, Networking

Joan Engebretson, master’s degree holder in network engineering, serves as Technical Editor for Networking. Her thorough evaluations of routers, switches, and security protocols guide professionals and enthusiasts alike through complex networking landscapes.




Mike Brennan
Technical Editor, Buying Guides

Mike Brennan, expert in consumer behavior and digital marketing, curates buying guides for CellularInsider.com. His detailed approach helps consumers make informed decisions based on product performance, value, and market trends.




Martin Rowe
Technical Editor, Devices

Martin Rowe specializes in hardware and device reviews. His academic and professional background in electronic design is reflected in his meticulous critiques of the latest gadgets, ensuring readers have reliable information at their fingertips.




Lee Goldberg
Technical Editor, How-To Guides

Lee Goldberg, a seasoned technical writer with expertise in DIY tech projects, crafts comprehensive how-to guides for CellularInsider.com. Lee’s clear, step-by-step instructions empower readers to tackle technology on their own terms.




Tom Jowitt
Technical Editor, Technical Support

Tom Jowitt combines a rich background in IT support with technical communication to inform his role at CellularInsider.com. As Technical Editor for Technical Support, Tom addresses common and complex issues with clarity, aiding users in navigating their tech challenges.


Our Contributors


Giancarlo Valdes
Giancarlo Valdes, a 25-year-old tech enthusiast from California, is a dynamic contributor at Cellular Insider. With a background in software engineering, Giancarlo brings a deep understanding of mobile technology trends and innovations. His articles often explore the intersection of technology and everyday life, helping readers navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. His fresh perspective is especially valuable for understanding emerging mobile technologies.


Kelly Dodder
Kelly Dodder, 48, based in Connecticut, is a seasoned journalist at Cellular Insider. With over two decades of experience in technology reporting, she specializes in cellular communication advancements and regulatory changes. Kelly’s detailed analysis and comprehensive reviews make complex topics accessible to a wide audience. Her work not only informs but also shapes the dialogue around mobile tech policy and development.